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Welfare services at Alpakkagaarden - Østre Kjærnes
Alpakkagaarden is located in wild, beautiful Våler in Viken (Østfold). Rural, sheltered and idyllic with shoreline to Vansjø from east to west. We have been a provider of welfare services on the farm since 2015. We became part of "Inn på tunet" in 2017, ie approved by the Norwegian Food Foundation as a provider of welfare services in health and care, school arena and child welfare. We are a farm close to the city of Våler, but located 15-20 minutes drive from the neighboring municipality of Moss.

"Inn på tunet" is adapted and quality assured welfare services on active farms. The services should provide mastery, development and well-being. The activities are linked to the farm, life and work there.

We organize the days individually for each participant in collaboration with guardians, public authorities and schools. Our operation is approved by Norsk Mat, which means that we follow all laws and regulations and have the necessary insurance to run welfare services on our farm. The auditor from the Norwegian Food Foundation audits us every other year.
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We have ongoing service offerings such as:

  • Alternative school arena for Moss and Våler municipality
  • Day care for people with mental and physical disabilities for Våler municipality
  • Respite care and visiting farm for children and young people for Moss municipality.

Get in touch to hear about the possibilities at Alpakkagaarden Østre Kjærnes.

At Alpakkagaarden - Østre Kjærnes we can offer:

  • Farm school - alternative school setting for primary school children. Individual pupils by decision and groups of pupils.
  • Day care for people with mental and physical disabilities / BPA, groups with assistants.
  • Day care for young people with special mental health needs
  • Day care for people who develop dementia at a young age, groups with assistants.
  • Respite care for children and young people, for child protection services, state and private.  
  • Facilitated access services for child protection services

The farm offers many possibilities, and can accommodate both those who need peace and quiet around them, as well as those who appreciate interaction in community. With us, there is room for everyone.

We have good facilities for day care and overnight stays. HC toilet and wheelchair access in the yard.

Our aim is to create motivation and a sense of achievement over time.

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Activities can be, for example:

  • Farm work
  • Care, feeding, handling and training of alpacas, horses, dogs, rabbits, chickens and cats.
  • Therapy and interaction with our animals.
  • Alpaca walk and assist the alpaca guide.
  • Help organize and carry out various events on the farm. 
  • Farm shop
  • ADL training
  • Tour days
  • Barbecue in a barbecue hut
  • Cooking in the commercial kitchen - communal meals.
  • From the soil table - greenhouse cultivation and gardening
  • Forestry and carpentry
  • Canoeing and fishing

At the farm, we believe in the value of facilitating the environment. A safe place to be, a good place to learn.

In our experience, well-being comes with opportunities to develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

We believe the key is recognition, care and relationship. Social competence and life skills come as a result of the relational health promotion work that goes on over time here on the farm. The individualized relationship work takes place through various activities, often in interaction with the animals - in combination with the broad competence we who work here collectively have as a team.  

Quote from parent: "You must know what a huge impact you have had on my son's life and I believe this will forever be the foundation for the choices he makes in life. You have left a mark on the lives of the whole family and we are eternally grateful. The future for many is with you."

Alternative training arena 

We know that there are many children and young people who have social challenges at primary school. We believe that an alternative school arena for students who have challenges in primary school here at Alpakkagaarden - Østre Kjærnes will contribute to a better school life at home school. Furthermore, we believe that this will prevent dropout from upper secondary school. We want to help prevent dropout in school and in working life. We want to contribute to the individual student being included, thriving, finding joy in learning, achieving good health, social skills and a practical approach to school.

Our target group in the Farm School:
Children and young people from 10-16 (18) years old who are in school or who have dropped out of school. It can be individual pupils or groups of pupils who need an alternative and practical school day.

Who are we who work here:

Erik and Linda have lived on the farm since 2003 and started Inn på tunet in 2017. They have a great interest in people, animals, nature, hunting and outdoor life. They have extensive experience from care work, family homes and visiting homes. In addition to the Inn på tunet operation, the farm is also a well-organized place for the adventure and tourism industry. The farm offers accommodation, canoe rental and alpaca experiences. The farm has accommodation capacity for visiting guests. Linda and Erik have a good knowledge of alpaca farming. Cameldynamic (appropriate handling of alpaca) is used to a large extent in the facilitation of the Inn på tunet offer. 

Lise Beate is an animal-assisted therapist (from 2010) with broad experience from assignments associated with shelters, nursing homes and municipalities. She is also a health secretary at BUPP Moss.

Monette is a child welfare educator (from 2012) with further education in mental health work aimed at children and adolescents, with, among other things, environmental therapy experience from school, kindergarten and institution. Monette has a great interest and good knowledge of horses. Monette is the professional leader of the farm's offer of alternative school arena.

Ingrid is an environmental assistant and a certified health professional. Ingrid has worked 20 years in residential care. Many years at a day center and has been a visiting home for the child welfare service. Ingrid has extensive experience with animals and farm work and takes great pleasure in teaching her great interest in growing flowers and vegetables, picking berries and mushrooms, as well as cooking. 

Bengt is an environmental therapist and the farm's educator in practical tasks (carpentry and tinkering). Trained as a social worker and carpenter, and has leadership experience from the military. Bengt has worked in the special health service in psychiatry, refugee work for minors and adults, and has given a number of lectures on mental health under the auspices of Mental Health. Bengt likes to motivate us all to an active outdoor life and has a great interest in music where he plays in a brass band. 

Our vision is to create fertile ground with good growing conditions - so that each individual can experience their own flourishing.

We are committed to mental health promotion and believe that change and development need time. We want everyone who comes to us to reap the benefits of their own mastery and development - not only in the present, but also far into the future.

Linda Tegneby

If you want to know more and/or want to visit us, please contact
Linda Tegneby, tel: 932 04 001

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