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Welcome to Alpakkagaarden - Østre Kjærnes

Alpakkagaarden is located at Vansjø in Våler municipality in Viken (Østfold). The farm is managed and owned by us, Erik and Linda Tegneby. We bought and settled on the farm in 2003 together with our two children, Signe and Herman. For the last seven years we have invested a lot in alpaca farming on the farm. The alpacas and the proximity to Vansjø with its beautiful nature have a great importance for everything offered on the farm.

Our vision of a sustainable and economically viable farm operation is that the farm industry and its ancillary industry should contribute to safeguarding nature, environment, culture and traditions.

Offers on the farm
At Alpakkagaarden - Østre Kjærnes we receive visitors for accommodation, companies, courses and conferences, we rent out canoes and run alpaca experiences. The rest of the farm consists of forest, grain and grass. We have a great interest in animals, nature, hunting and outdoor life. Erik is genuinely interested in moose hunting with his two moose dogs. Linda has her workplace on the farm and most of the time she is the "Inn på tunet" farmer and offers tasks and activities to the participants. We take good care of our guests and do our best to offer unique, good and nature-friendly experiences.

Inn på Tunet
"Inn påtunet" (IPT) are adapted and quality-assured welfare services on farms. The services are designed to promote coping, development and well-being. The activities in the services are linked to the farm, life and work there".

We have extensive experience of care work, family homes and visiting homes. We are an approved "Inn på tunet" farm and have participants on the farm every day.
Read more about our approved "Inn på tunet" offer.
Alpaca hiking
On the farm we now have about 40 alpacas (2023) and the herd is growing. The alpaca industry consists of selling live animals, processing fiber (wool) into products that we sell in our farm shop, and not least our alpaca experiences. The alpacas are often used as therapy animals in our Inn på tunet program. In the afternoons, weekends and during school holidays, we offer the very popular activities of alpaca safaris and alpaca walks (guided tours with some of our alpacas). Read more about alpaca safaris and alpaca walks here.

The farm is sheltered from all noise, with beautiful nature in the heart of Viken (Østfold). Here you can stay in well-equipped farm apartments (self-catering) in quiet and rural surroundings right by the idyllic lake Vansjø. The hosts and alpacas on the farm make your stay unique. We are lucky to have the pearl Vansjø in the immediate vicinity. The farm has shoreline to Vansjø from east to west, and there are countless opportunities for a beautiful nature experience in and around Vansjø. The travel panel in Aftenposten on 28.1.21 recommends Vansjø as one of ten travel destinations in 2021.

Guest room
The barn was renovated in 2017, and we now have a room with space and equipment for 60 people. The venue is perfect for a confirmation, wedding, anniversary or family gathering. When you rent the venue, you decide whether you want to bring food and drink. The venue is suitable for courses and conferences. We have two electric car chargers for our guests. Read more about rooms for rent.
Alpakkagaarden in the heart of Vansjø
The farm is about 800 hectares with shoreline on Vansjø, one of Norway's largest lakes with the most fish species. The site is surrounded by many nature and hiking trails. You can experience nature from boat, canoe (we have 15 canoes for rent), kayak, on foot and by bike. The area is very rich in animals. If you are careful, you can often see moose, deer, hare and beaver, as well as a rich bird life. Osprey, hen harrier and buzzard can be seen over our fields. Vansjø is known as a summer destination, but there are good opportunities for outdoor activities all year round. Canoeing, ice fishing, ice skating and hiking.

Canoeing in Vansjø
Canoeing in Vansjø is a popular activity. We have our own private jetty from which you can paddle out. Located in the heart of Vansjø and you get the best starting point for a fantastic paddle trip through narrow straits, in beautiful nature with wildlife in Vansjø. A trip in Vansjø is true recreation - where you get away from all the stress and get a good resting pulse. You can rent a canoe and life jackets per day with us.

A paradise for anglers
Since 2013, we have been accommodating European anglers in our farm apartments. The anglers return year after year to enjoy the peace and quiet, nature, wildlife and excellent fishing opportunities in Vansjø, one of Norway's most fish-rich lakes. Alpakkagaarden has shoreline from east to west, and the farm is located about 300 meters from the water.

TV2's "Every time we meet"
The farm has been used for TV2's popular series "Every time we meet" for filming, production and accommodation - from season 2 to season 11.

We are located in Våler municipality, more specifically Sperrebotn in Viken (Østfold). It takes about 15-20 minutes to drive from Moss, which is the nearest city. From Oslo it takes about 50 minutes to drive, while it takes 90 minutes to drive from Oslo Airport Gardemoen. See the map below for directions to us.
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