Alpaca walk and alpaca safari

Join our alpaca walk in beautiful surroundings. Alpaca hiking in Våler is a popular activity, where anyone over the age of 12 can rent and look after their own alpaca on a guided tour in the beautiful nature around Alpakkagaarden. The Alpaca Walk experience lasts around 90 minutes. We start with the guide giving us an introduction to alpacas, then we walk with the guide for around 45-60 minutes. After the alpaca tour, there will be an opportunity to feed your alpaca with snacks. Alpacas are very funny animals, so this is a very popular activity among both alpacas and visitors!

You can also participate in our alpaca safari, an alpaca visit where you spend good time with the alpacas in the alpaca garden. The alpaca safari lasts approx. 45 min. Minimum 4 people. Here we visit the different alpaca gardens, where a guide is present to tell you about the animals. Alpaca safaris are suitable for everyone, including families with small children. In addition to being able to feed the alpacas, the guide will tell you a lot about the animals - and there's plenty of opportunity to take lots of photos.

After the hike or safari, the farm shop is open, where we sell alpaca products such as yarn, soles and other alpaca garments, as well as alpaca souvenirs.
alpaca trekking
Alpakkagaarden is one of the few places that offer alpaca walks in Østfold and we have alpaca walks and alpaca safaris all year round. Remember to dress for the weather and temperature. We reserve the right to reschedule if extreme rain is forecast 24 hours before the alpaca walk. It's important to us that both animals and humans enjoy their experiences. Alpaca safaris are carried out regardless of the weather, as we can enter the alpaca cabins. Alpaca trekking is suitable for everyone over the age of 10, children must be 12 years old to rent their own alpaca. The hike takes place in easy terrain, participants must be able to walk for 2 km. If the children are between 10-12 years old, book a participant without an alpaca. Alpaca safaris are suitable for everyone and children under 2 years are free. A minimum of 4 people must book an alpaca safari.

We recommend that you book the alpaca walk and alpaca safari well in advance, preferably more than two weeks in advance, as this is a very popular activity.

Booking conditions: Bookings are binding, with the possibility of rebooking 14 days before the alpaca experience. In the event of cancellation due to illness, we await a doctor's certificate and then refund 90% of the amount or make a rebooking.

Do you have a gift card from You Wish or a gift card with a reference number?
Then these must be booked directly with Alpakkagaarden (not online booking). First, see if you can find a date where there are seats available, then contact us by SMS 93204001 or email: to book the seats.

All gift cards must be used before the expiration date. Gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Completion of the alpaca experience must be done before the gift card expires. Remember to book well in advance!

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Alpaca flakes

Our alpaca flock

Our alpaca herd now consists of 40 animals and is growing steadily. In addition to alpaca safaris, we breed and sell livestock. Alpacas are the farm's production animals that give us wonderful fiber - wool. Some of the animals are used as therapy animals and are trained to walk, which they enjoy.
Alpaca nursery

Alpaca nursery

If it's summer and hot, you'll find the alpacas taking a bath in the hot tub. It's a great opportunity to take lots of nice photos, and to hand-feed the alpacas with snacks provided by us. Every year - from mid-February to April - the baby alpacas are separated from their mothers (we wean them off breast milk) and we visit them in the "alpaca nursery".
Alpaca visit

An educational trip

These amazing animals are modest, gentle, shy and very curious. They are great to take on a walk. This is a very popular activity where you get out into nature with good company. Previous participants have told us that it is an educational hike in beautiful and varied terrain with close proximity to these kind, wonderful creatures.

A different kind of trip with beautiful animals in beautiful surroundings

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  • What our customers say

    "Thank you for an incredibly fun trip! The whole family had a blast and the alpacas were truly amazing!
    We would love to come again."
    Anne-May Grennes
    Alpaca flakes
  • What our customers say

    "Nice quiet farm with nice people and nice alpacas. Lots of other nice animals too."
    Tone Myhren
  • What our customers say

    "We had a fantastic trip with an alpaca walk."
    Anita Møller

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